Selected Books, Monographs, and Articles:

Healthcare Service Lines: A Potent Resource to Promote Physician Engagement, Boardroom Press, February 2019

Physicians in the Boardroom: Contemporary Considerations for a Common Practice, Boardroom Press (Special Section), October 2018

Board Oversight of the Medical Staff: A Critical Responsibility,BoardroomPress, February 2018

Medical Staff Governing Documents: Bylaws, Policies, Procedures, published by HCPro, December 2017

Physician Leadership in Hospitals and Health Systems: Advancing a 21st-Century Framework,  published by The Governance Institute, Summer 2017

Board Responsibility in the Face of a Coming Tsunami of Late Career Physicians, Boardroom Press, April 2017

Unification of Medical Staffs in Health Systems: The Time Is Now, Hospitals and Health Systems RX,

American Health Lawyers Association, Vol. 1, Issue 3, Nov. 2016

The Case for Executive Coaching, Healthcare Executive, July/Aug 2016

Negligent Credentialing: Strategies for Reducing Hospital Risk, by Todd Sagin, published by HCPro, 2016

Managing Problem Practitioners: A Leadership Guide to Dealing with Impaired, Disruptive, Aging, and Burned Out Clinicians,

by Todd Sagin, published by HCPro, 2015

Proctoring, FPPE, and Practitioner Competency Assessment: A Clinical Leader's Guide, by Todd Sagin, published by HCPro, 2015

The Top 45 Medical Staff Policies and Procedures, 5th edition, by Todd Sagin, published by HCPro, 2014

Employing Physicians: The Importance of Doing It Right,  A Governance Institute White Paper, Spring  2014

The Changing Nature of Medical Practice: As the Health System Evolves So Does Doctoring,

Governance Institute Briefings, Vol. 12, No. 3, May 2015

Doctors on Board: Should Physician Participation on Health System Boards Be Expanded?  Boards ( publication of the Governance Center of Excellence), Issue 12, September 2015

After the Merger: To Combine Medical Staffs - Or Not?  Healthcare Executive, Vol. 30, No. 4  July/Aug 2015

Restructuring Physician leadership in Evolving Health Systems, Boardroom Press, February 2014

Hospital Boards Face New Challenges Addressing Physician Compensation, Boardroom Press, Feb 2012

Getting Physician Input on Compensation, an interview published in CFO Forum Newsletter, HFMA, July 2012

The Changing Face of Physicians on the Hospital Governing Board: Tactics for Promoting Board-Physician Understanding, Boardroom Press, Vol 22,#1, Feb. 2011

Creating the Hospital Group Practice: The Advantages of Employing or Affiliating with Physicians;by Todd Sagin and Eric Lister. Health Administration Press, September 2009.

Is It Safe? Addressing the Legal Liability Concerns of Physician Leaders;
monograph published by the Medical Leadership Institute of the Governance Institute, 2008

Orientation Manual for New Physician Leaders, monograph published by the Medical Leadership Institute of the Governance Institute, 2008

Dealing with Unprofessional Conduct, monograph published by the Medical Leadership Institute of the Governance Institute, 2009

The Credentialing Handbook: An Orientation Manual for Board Members, by Todd Sagin. Published by The Governance Institute, 2007.

Proctoring and Focused Professional Practice Evaluation: Practical Approaches to Verifying Physician Competence, by Todd Sagin, Robert Marder, Mark A. Smith., published by HCPRO, Inc. 2006.

Guide to Medical Staff Bylaws; by Todd Sagin and Joseph Cooper, published by HCPRO, Inc., 2006.

Orientation to External Peer Review, by Todd Sagin and Laura Harrington, published by HCPRO, Inc., 2006.

Medical Staff Bylaws Assessment Tool; by Steven Bryant and Todd Sagin; published by HCPRO, Inc., 2005.

Privileging Conflicts: How to Resolve the Toughest and Most Common Turf Disputes; by Richard Sheff and Todd Sagin, published by HCPRO, Inc., 2004.

Economic Credentialing: How to Balance Competition, Compliance, and Collegiality to Resolve Conflicts of Interest; by R. Locke, M. Mattioli, T. Sagin, & H. Greeley; published by HCPRO, Inc. 2004

Preventing and Solving Disruptive Physician Behavior; by Todd Sagin and Richard Sheff; published by HCPRO, Inc., 2004

How to Recruit and Develop Physician Leaders: A Strategy for Medical Staff Leadership Development, by Richard Sheff &Todd Sagin  Al Fritz; published by HCPRO, Inc., 2003.

Selected  Webinars and Publications of Todd Sagin, M.D., J.D.

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